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Water Tank News in the Town


The water Tank is up and running well.  Make sure to report any problems with your meters to the Town Hall.


 As of August 1, 2020 the base rate fee for the water system is $49.00.



Please be sure to call the Town Office when ready for inspections of water hook up so that the Inspector can be notified. 

Permits may be purchased at the Town Hall Office.


Following Steps to Take to Hook up

Call Atkinson Town Hall.  At that time, you will given all the information required for hook up.

Phone 910 283-7341

Buried Pipe: Pipe buried 12 inches, must be inspected before covering up

Shut Off Valve: must have two shut off valves

Backflow Prevention Device: must be fitted with dual check valve backflow prevention device 

Cross Connection: private well must not be connected to public water supply

Therman Expansion Device: device installed in house to accommodate pressure in the system caused by heating water

Hooking up: may hook up before inspection but must be inspected quickly

Inspections: The Town has an appointed inspector for hook ups


Thank you,

Atkinson Town Board 



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